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Formed in Fall 2016 by guitarists Kaleb Sievers and David Hollenbeck, Citysick started as collaboration between Sievers' solo project Second Best and Hollenbeck's previous band. The two were joined first by drummer Conner Lewis and later by bassist Curtis Loyless, who have become essential members of the group. In December of 2017, the group welcomed bassist Kevin Ristow, with Loyless switching roles to play guitar. Citysick is based in Chico, CA and performs at venues up and down the West Coast.

Citysick's first official release arrived in January 2017, a 3-track EP titled "Thanks For Trying." Immediately following the release, Citysick embarked on a two week tour with fellow Chicoans Creekside. Later in 2017, they went on another three-week run across the Western US to promote their new EP, “Get Better” which was released in December of 2017. Citysick is working on creating new material and hopes to release a third EP during the Summer of 2018.

In 2018, Citysick was named Chico News & Review’s best local artist at the Cammies awards show, the city of Chico’s annual award ceremony for music based in the Chico area.

Despite their best efforts, Citysick's musical style sounds nothing like Fergie's (hit?) song M.I.L.F. $, but they are hopeful that one day they'll achieve their life-long goal of ghostwriting her next single. Until then, they will continue to tell stories through their unique blend of indie rock and emo, drawing influence from groups like Turnover, Microwave, and Citizen.